Kenny Cole’s

  • WHAT is it?

    It's an iPhone app designed to let you build your own portable mold-free book-esque reference library of exclusive red-on-white articles by artist Kenny Cole.

  • Is it FREE?

    YES. The FREE app comes with five (5) full starter articles:

    • Off To War
    • Laboratory
    • Shall the Axe...
    • Fang
    • Salute

    with 21 more articles available

  • What's a Psy-clop-edia Article?

    It's an interactive pictorial work created by Kenny Cole (website) exclusively for Psy-clop-edia.

    Each article is suitable for sustained staring, sharing & scholarship. It:

    • requires completing an eight-part puzzle-like pattern to reveal the whole (ages 2+) and also unlock original acquisition priviledges.
    • has 9 detailed sections for closer scrutiny
    • includes an audio narrative track by Kenny Cole
    • enables sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email w/exclusive attachments
    • includes article-specific Marginalia™ by esteemed art historian & critic Daniel Kany.
  • Additional features?

    • various sounds will remind you of paper and reward your achievements in the app
    • simulated gold glint from virtual edge as device is tilted
    • all articles searchable by keywords & custom text
    • send the artist questions about the art via email
    • additional in-app purchasing options include the artist’s signature and 16 “personal” notes to grace the inside-front cover!
    • Origins of Psy-clop-edia essay
      by Kenny Cole
    • Sensibility Soup essay
      by Daniel Kany
    • frequently-asked-questions page
    • bios, stats, and photos of the three (3) creators
    • certification of Masterwork™ status of the app

  • Help

    Introductory lessons and master classes in using Psy-clop-edia available at any SlopLand Effluence Express™ location and now at this helpful video series:

  • Learning Kenny Cole's PSY-CLOP-EDIA: Part 1

  • Privacy

    The app doesn't share any info with anyone other than the sharing you choose to do via Facebook, Twitter, and email, all of which are surveilled by the Police State and its Corporate overlords.

  • Tools

    Looking to create your own reference materials -- in half the time? Try Symmetron